Стажер (Site Engineer)

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Сменный график / Неполный рабочий день
Институт радиотехнических и телекоммуникационных систем / Институт информационных технологий
Has a driving, coordinating and supporting role regarding technical topics, commitments and solutions for a designated part of the rollout area 1. Follow Roll out plan and Scope; 2. Planning call-off and monitoring of the service and material requirements needed to secure an efficient implementation; 3. Supervise / lead personnel within the area of expertise as Installation or Civil Works Supervisor in accordance to local processes and methods; 4. Ensure that correct methods, instructions, checklists and reports are used.
Flexible schedule of work (from 20 hours per week); Internship duration - 6 months; Mentoring and training system; Competitive salary; Participation in business processes of the largest technical department.
1. University degree (4 bachelor course, 1-2 master courses); 2. Intermediate level of English; 3. Basic Knowledge of telecom equipment and network topology; 4. Good understanding of reading/commenting on design drawings; 5. Experience of tracking, report and change management, working with database.